Transient Notes on the Agenda

I’m trying to be more deliberate about my Transient notes. One step is to reduce the overall number of them by focusing on more permanant notes that accrete. Transient notes, which are notes used as scratchpads or for very short-term memory are useful tools, however my work should build upon itself and grow more useful over time. I fear I spend too much time focused on creating and managing to transient notes and not enough time building a long lasting repository of ideas and knowledge.

Another way I’m being more deliberate about my Transient notes is to segment off meeting notes. Meeting notes are important and I often review them a few days after creating them but I never review them after that. They wind up being Transient notes in a seas of Transient notes. I’ve just switched over to Agenda specifically for Meeting Notes. I’m prepping for meetings by writing notes for meetings in the future and I’m creating real-time notes during meetings. I like having these meeting notes stored in a seperate system and tied directly to the meetings they were created in. I triage my meeting notes, usually into todos or stories and now I’ll convert any useful insights into permanant notes with tags to be surfaced again sometime in the future.