Thinking about notes

There are many theories of productivity around task management but not as many around note-taking. I recently stumbled upon 20th-century German sociologist Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten system. I still have a lot to learn but he wrote complete ideas down on index cards, tagged them in a way that connected them to related ideas and stored them all in a box. From there I stumbled into Andy Matushak’s Everygreen Notes and the entire web of his site.

One thing about Matushak’s work that stuck out for me was the concept of Transient Notes.

Most people use notes as a bucket for storage or scratch >thoughts. These are very convenient to write, but after a year >of writing such notes, they’ll just have a pile of dissociated >notes. The notes won’t have added up to anything: they’re more >like fuel, written and discarded to help the author process >their ongoing experiences.

I’m trying to develop my own system of note-taking and looking for any other systems for inspiration. If you have any suggestions hit me up on Twitter.