Moshi iVisor Update

A few weeks ago I put a Moshi iVisor on my iPad. My very first impression was complicated. A naked iPad Pro screen is a beautiful thing; 120hz and the most vibrant and colorful device I’ve ever used. Putting an iVisor on it immediately turns it into a matte display and makes it feel more like a laptop. On the other hand, 5m after putting it on I was able to use my iPad on my balcony in sunlight.

My update is that after a few weeks I like it and have no plans to take it off. As the weather is getting better the ability to use my device outside is incredibly valuable. I have totally adjusted to the matte look and feel and find it preferable in many scenarios (like watching a movie with most of the light off). One of the unexpected benefits is that it doesn’t collect fingerprints. A naked iPad screen notoriously collects your fingerprints and in retrospect I realize how gross that is. Some people use the iVisor to add a little bit of texture and make the screen feel more like paper. I can confirm that it provides a little more fiction but I prefer the feeling of Pencil on screen. The dulling of the colors and the extra texture are both a bummer for creating my art. If anything makes me bail on the iVisor, it will be if I feel like it is affecting my art.

However for now, I look forward to using my iPad this weekend on my balcony and for some weekend soon when I use it in Central Park.