Mindlessly Browsing with Purpose

The last few months I’ve been moodboarding content from the internet. I created a new board for each week and saved every image that captured my attention that week. Two weeks into this practice I created one of my favorite paintings to date. 2 nights after I made that painting I was flipping through my mood board and saw a direct connection between what I was saving and what I had made. It solidified my conviction in moodboarding even if I found the tools a little janky. I tried using Notability, GoodNotes and VizRef they never lived up to my expectations. It was the primary reason I begged into the Muse beta when I first discovered it.

Now that I have a tool I like I’m saving even more things. Then after stumbling upon the concept of a Commonplace Book I started to save quotes, text, diagrams and in some cases entire websites.

It has inspired me to read more. I like to read but when I come across some insightful SaaS stat, I archive it soemwhere in my brain. I’ll draw connections from it but could never really reference the source material. I had no way of browsing all the insightful SaaS stuff I’ve come across. When somoene asked me what SaaS free trial to paid conversion % should be, I could never come up with a definite answer. All of that makes reading some nebulous input into the creative process and frankly pushed me away from reading industry specific things. A lot of people say a lot of things on the Internet, if I’m not saving the best stuff its all just sitting in the same buffer waiting for garbage collection.

Now that I’m starting the practice of a Commonplace book I’m trying to read more in my free time to fill up the book with insightful stuff for a later date.

moodboard and my painting

My painting in the bottom right.