Deepwork Today

To follow up on yesterday’s post, today I made time for some Deepwork. I woke up early (6AM), made coffee, put on some Kid Cudi, grabbed my iPad and opened up Muse. I knew I had 2.5 hours before the world woke up on me and a juicy product design problem that I had been putting off.

Muse connects with how my brain works and how I effectively used paper notebooks for ideation back in my Creative Director days. There is no chrome, a few intuitive gestures, a card system, handwriting, text support and the ability to bring in outside materials. This morning I had an Airtable open and was able to pull in text from our content team’s schedule directly into Muse, where I was sketching, flow-charting and ideating.

Flow works best when your tools get out of the way; when you are not clicking around or trying to figure out the interface. I knew I was in the zone when connections just started getting easier and easier. When a new unanticipated problem emerged, I immediately knew how to solve it. Using the Pencil and my own handwriting helped in the way that sketching in a notebook does.

After an hour or so, I had sketched out the solution and the way I wanted to communicate it but it was in my unreadable handwriting. I then started replacing my handwriting and sketches with text cards and photoshop piece by piece. By the end I had something that connected with the team a few hours later.

Its not yet my goal to achieve flow every day but it is my goal to flex my creative muscles daily. I’ve started my Commonplace Book and will talk more about that soon.