Modular Computing- From Laptop to Tablet

When I first switched over to iPad, I did so as a laptop replacement. Fewer distractions, managing communications via notifications, best in class apps, a 120 HZ display with an a great animation system and having my artpad in my pocket are all topics for future posts. However, the promise of a modular computer that would have me switching between a laptop and a tablet was starting to feel like a false promise.

This changed with the iPad Magic Keyboard. The way the keyboard elevates the iPad, it just begs you to grab it and go. The magnets connecting the keyboard and case are strong in a way that makes it satisfying to both take the iPad off the case and to put it back on. Without question, I’ve been using it more in tablet mode since getting the new keyboard. Reading, conference calls and taking handwritten notes are all activities where I’m likely to pop it off the keyboard.

I belive that my tablet time is about to increase again. I received my invite for the beta program of Muse and my mind is blown. This feels like how a tablet was always meant to be used to organize ideas. If you haven’t seen Muse I encourage you to look at the hero video on their homepage. If that wets the appetite, go check out their Interface Handbook. This is the tablet experience I have been looking for and I’m so excited with my Day 1 results. I’ll write more about Muse in the near future as I integrate it into my daily workflow.