I love music and listen to it any chance I can. I’m listening to Juice WRLD right now. I wake up every Friday excited about the new hip hop album releases. I spend Saturday mornings going through them. I use music on my commute to get my mind right for the day ahead.

Because of this I’ve always found it very hard to hop on the podcast bandwagon. In January when I first started going iPad first, multiple people suggested that I listen to Adapt and I was hooked. Not only do they help shift my mindset into a new way of computing but host Federico Viticci is the ultimate vibes. From there I found out Viticci is on another show called Connected. More Vibes. Then I realized they were both shows and tried other shows in the network including Flashback, The Test Drivers, Under the Radar, Cortex, Presentable and Upgrade. Then I found out they had two art podcasts and now listen to MakeDo and Pictorial. Then I added 2 more Viticci podcasts which are technically part of MacStories.

So now I listen to podcasts but almost exclusively podcasts. On their own they are excellent, high quality shows that have re-kindled my love of technology. As a whole it is an extended community of podcasters, tech thinkers, developers, designers and artists showing up in each other’s shows, blog posts and twitter feeds.

I subscribed to both and MacStories to support their excellent work. I get more value from them than I do Netflix. When you subscribe to you get access to their Discord which extends that community even further. It reminds me of the pre-Facebook Internet where we hung out online with strangers who had shared interests and traded tips, culture, media and knowledge. It has been especially welcome the last few weeks where human contact has been infrequent and the post-facebook Internet appears locked into an outrage-fueld culture war.