Screenshots on iPad

I take a lot of screenshots for work. Along with saving inspiration and moodboarding, I’ll screenshot visual bugs or things I want to edit in both our web and native apps. I love the built in screenshot annotation tools that let me screenshot and then illustrate my concept without even using antoher app. This is an enhanced experience on the iPad where I can use the pencil to more accurate draw all over the screenshot and better illustrate my thoughts. Sometimes if I’m trying to do something even more complex, I’ll bring the screenshots into another tools for further editing most commonly Photoshop of Magic Eraser. I typically spend the end of every few days going through my camera roll and deleting all the screenshots after they’ve been shared or saved in anohter tool because I dont’ like a cluttered camera roll.

I’ve been doing it even more since getting the Magic Keyboard and discover that the Mac shortcuts Cmd-Shift-3 and Cmd-Shift-4 work. It’s Cmd-Shift-3 to take a quick screenshot and Cmd-Shift-4 to take it and open it in the native annotation tool. I also like how you can take a screenshot of an entire webpage, not just what fits on your screen, with a toggle in the annotation tool.

I still take screenshots when using my Mac but annotating and processing them afterwards is more awkward. In fact sometimes I just send them to my iPad so I can draw on them.