The Apple Watch at Home

I have found that the Apple Watch is even more useful to me while being forced to work from home then when I was in the office. Even as I type that it sounds counter-intuitive.

At the office, I’m almost always looking at a screen or in a meeting doing my best not to look at my screen. Glancing at a slack notification on my wrist while meeting with someone is at best distracting and at worst incredibly rude. I find little value in getting notifications on my wrist from people who are in the same building as me.

At home I’m so much more flexible in my day and more likely to walk away from a screen. For better or for worse, life and work is more of a blurred experience, especially when working with an international team and co-workers whose own schedules have been flipped upside down. In return, I might walk away from screens at 11 AM to do the dishes, while parts of my team are their busiest. The Apple Watch keeps me connected and lets me know if anyone is trying to get my attention while I’m taking care of an errand or walking my dog. That reduces the anxiety that I will step away from the screens while someone desperately needs me and helps me manage my work/life balance in a world where everyone knows you are home and likely not that busy.