iPad but with a matte screen

Summer has arrived in NYC and the weather is nice which makes sheltering in place more... frustrating. I’m fortunate enough to have a balcony and I have plans to spend more time working from it. However anyone who has tried to work with a device in the sun, knows how challenging it can be to see your screens when working directly in the sun.

Enter the Moshi iVisor experiment. The iVisor is screen protector that turns your iPad’s display from glossy to matte, which also makes it visible in the sun. I’m a few hours into using it and it seems to work as I had hoped. I write this from my balcony with the sun in my eyes.

It also adds a little texture to the screen when using the Pencil, which I’ve heard people used to writing on paper like. I’ll probably get into some art later today to test it out. My one concern at the moment is it does ever so slightly, mute all of the colors and while I think that will have little impact on my work, I wonder what it will mean for my art.

I’ll provide updates on this experiment after at least a few days of use.