iA Writer

Alright, this is what I’m actually here for. I have iA Writer hooked up to micro.blog.

I don’t do a ton of writing and when I do I often share it within my organization via Google Docs. First, Google Docs is a terrible experience on iPadOS. It doesn’t support any modern/expected OS features and it has some strange bugs/decision... for instance I can’t great a new line in a Sheet cell.

My work around is that I have a (company issued) MacBook Pro in my (currently home) office which I VNC into via Screens. Works like a champ.

But I was trying to write in praise of iA Writer, which feels like it has been on iOS forever. It’s so incredibly beautiful and peaceful and modern. The font choice, background color and overall feel of the app is incredible. As if Dieter Rams designed a writing app!

I’ve never had a great reason to use it, yet at the same time its always been on my phone and iPad, so here I am on Micro.blog as an excuse to use iA Writer :)